Our Story

For most of my adult life, I searched for what I would consider the perfect barbecued ribs. I could never seem to find that perfect combination of ribs and sauce. While visiting my wife’s relatives in Texas in the 1990’s, one of her uncles decided to barbecue some ribs. Usually, he kicked everyone out of the kitchen when he made his own barbecue sauce but that day he let my son and I stay. As I watched him go through the cupboards for sauce ingredients, I realized I had never thought about making my own barbecue sauce. I had always purchased commercial sauces.

Years later, while I was grilling ribs at home, I decided to make my own sauce recalling what he had done that day. From then on, we began to make a different flavor of barbecue sauce each holiday season to give as gifts.  Family and friends would return the empty bottles and compliment us on the flavor of that holiday season.  After years of encouragement from friends, my wife and I decided to share our sauces with more than just our friends and family.

We hope you will try our many flavor combinations and we are sure at least one will become your “perfect” sauce.  Pork Beach is not a real place but “One Taste Will Take You There”.

Mark and Dianna Wheeler